Ignore Website & Social Media Analytics At Your Peril!

Why are Website Analytics & Social Media Analytics so important?!

Website and Social Media Analytics – To ‘analyse’ is to simply take historical and current data then study it in order to find out what the trends are.

That is the simple version!Social Media Analytics are vital for any business marketing strategy plan

But, in fact, data analytics, be it Social Media engagement or website visits, is quite a complex study.  It is vitally important to any business marketing strategy and growth.

By analysing certain data, you can in effect optimise your business.  Trends, fads, popular genre’s and the next-best-thing are all the results of good Data Analytics.

Think about a football team who want to jump up to the top of the League or UEFA Euro Finals.  They will need to analyse past data of other similar successful teams and how they achieved that same goal.  They would look at tendencies and averages of each of the players as well as each of the coaches.  What game plans they used.  What strategies they implemented that had them holding up that trophy at the end of the championship.

Much the same, analysing data that can make your business move from zero to hero, is just as important.

It’s a Numbers Game

Website and Social Media Analytics is a numbers game and we all know that numbers speak the truth.  Sadly, people don’t always and it becomes crucial to rely on the numbers to ensure we make a success of our businesses.  After all, why are you in business?  To create an ongoing income and achieve your goals, of course!

Analytics Has a Broad Arm

From gathering data in relation to your different social media platforms to the traffic that reaches your website.  Social Media Analytics can tell you how well your website is performing.  Also potentially be the sales material needed for other businesses to advertise on your pages.  They will want detailed analytics reports before they make that decision to link their brand with yours.

If they are to spend money on advertising they want to know there will be real return.   The amount of traffic, hits and searches to your website will determine this decision.  If you are not generating enough traffic then it makes sense to grow this, right?

Find out What Your Customers Want

Let’s be frank, many business owners find a product or service that they like, that they are good at and understand.  However, just because they like their service or product, do they REALLY think that what they like their customers like?

The answer here should be simple, no of course what we like does not necessarily mean all of our customers would like it.  It may be a fantastic product or service, but does it meet all of the customer’s needs?

This is where looking at data from Website and Social Media Analytics comes in!  Being able to find out how important your product or service is and being able to tweak it to meet the customers’ requirements is vital.

There are many ways to find data to analyse and it all depends on which platform you are researching.

Social Media Analytics –The importance of Social Media Analytics on Facebook

All Social Media platforms have their own built-in data mining tools.  For instance, Facebook has ‘Insights’ where Twitter has simply ‘Analytics’.

When using these analytic tools, you have the ability to drill down (mine) incredible amounts of data.  From how many times your post/tweet has just been seen (impressions) to how many times an image was opened or a link was clicked.

However, Social Media Analytics goes much further than basic impressions and clicks.  You have the ability to see locations, gender, language and even what kind of device a visitor used.

Website Analytics –

There are many ways to collect website data, however the usual way is to use, for example, Google Analytics, which will show you what is happening from day to day through your website.

As with Social Media Analytics, you can view many different kinds of mined data.  All help you to determine what is actually going on.  For instance, are you getting the visits you need in order to present a busy website? Are people searching your particular keywords linked in your site content? Are they sticking around long enough to take advantage of all that your website has to offer or do they click in and click out in seconds, also known as Bounce Rate?

When you want to utilise SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, you will take a good look at your website data analytics.  It will assist you to see what is and isn’t working. A Digital Marketing SEO specialist can work wonders with this material if they have it at their fingertips.

Experts look at data such as:

Online Visibility Reports / Brand Monitoring – How visible is the business brand

Keyword Saturation – Great content needs to have the right number of keywords

Search Result & Position Tracking – Compare competitor sites and social media pages

Visitor Rates – How many visits to the website or social media page

Bounce Rates – Are visitors finding what they expected/wanted or simply exiting the page without reading or browsing other content

Backlink Auditing – The speed, quantity and quality of other websites linking to pages

Audience Targeting

The importance of knowing so much detail is that it gives the ability to change future offerings that will grab more attention.  For instance, finding posts with images which are mostly red gain more attention and increase customer engagement would allow a change of strategy for future posts.

Understanding what customers want and need can be found in the analytics information.  Do they want to read about what dog activities are best for ultimate health of a canine friend or do they want to read about what dog food is best for their dogs overall wellbeing?  Believe it or not, Website and Social Media Analytics data can help.

You can monitor what keywords are doing well and which ones are not, what pages on your website or posts on Social Media platform are doing well and ones that are not. You can see what advertisements are pulling in the viewers and which ones are making them turn away.

Find in-depth visitor Tweet Analytics for Social Media

In-depth Tweet Analytics

In essence, all of the data analytics mentioned give the ability to target the audience of any page, any post, any tweet.  Targeted Content is paramount in today’s online world.  Due to the vast amounts of information being put in front of us there is only so much we can take in.  Digital Marketing Specialists understand this and utilise every bit of data to target customers that will give the very best Return on Investment for marketing budgets.

For why great Content Creation is King see our earlier post or even why simply using Social Media Marketing services for business is so important!

No Need to Reinvent the Wheel

A big trend is to compare websites or Social Media pages with other similar successful websites or pages.  Just like the football team, you can analyse what is working for a competitor. Why reinvent the wheel?  Do what the other successful entrepreneurs are doing.  Do the pied piper method!  Yes, stand out, yes find a Unique Selling Point, but, the methodology, the strategy, the planning, those can well have already been tried and tested by others.

Good Data Analytics will give you accurate, usable information that will stand you well throughout your business growth.  Much like when you scrutinise your financial statements to see where you are spending too much and where you are spending too little.  The data gained from Website and Social Media Analytics will do the same for your business.  If not used or not rated highly enough, at best it can limit business growth and at worst a business can fail that really did not have to.

Data Analytics is in the top three of business growth tools, it is THAT important!


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