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Short, Sharp and Simple - Get your point across, your idea known, your website visitor engaged, your social media follower wanting more, all with our animated doodle marketing videos!

It's easy to put a point across, isn't it?  Well, it is if you already have the attention of the person or company you want to make the point to.  But, it's incredibly difficult to get the point across quickly! Most website visitors will not read the second line of this paragraph!  If you are reading this you are in the 3% of visitors that actually do finish a paragraph!  Well done!  For the other 97%, we need to work differently!

Animated Videos, created properly, will engage a far larger audience, in a far shorter timeframe, in a far more in-depth manner, creating an immediate rapport. Fluidity of content and movement create a reaction that text alone cannot. That's where the JustOptimise Doodle Cartoon-Like Marketing Videos grow a businesses audience.

Whatever your brief, we have the expertise to create an incredibly low-cost and high return on investment marketing video for any industry. Our in-house creative developers work closely with clients to create a compelling and engaging video production. All with music, voice-over and image options!

Just a few samples of our Doodle Marketing & Promotional Videos

A simple, yet effective introduction to one of our clients, Wight Island Escapes! The brief was to create a simplistic, slightly humorous statement, offering Isle of Wight Holiday Rental Services. Integrating a soothing music score, bespoke artwork and supplied imagery. All adding to the animated marketing video commission. Published across all of the clients Social Media accounts and website, creating a message with clear branding with their online advertising campaigns.

No matter the message, no matter the subject, we can create an animated doodle for you!  Covering many aspects of business and daily life, Doodle Videos help get a message across!  This Doodle was commissioned by an existing client to be shared on their personal Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts.

Doodle Animation Videos for Marketing purposes can be for individual use, such as a simple Christmas or seasonal video card or overview of a business services.  However, most clients utilise animated doodle videos for ongoing related campaigns.  Creating storylines and related content not only keeps the viewer interested but it allows for greater coverage over time with any campaign.

Using our professional animation services will increase a businesses brand reach and help create the needed engagement.  We utilise our vast experience with online marketing to further add credibility to videos along with having the ability to target specific audiences, no matter the demographic.  From geo-location, to age range and income, simply contact JustOptimise today and bring fluidity to your marketing!

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Even Christmas Cards Can Be Doodles!

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