FREE Isle of Wight Digital Marketing Workshops

As a true local Isle of Wight Digital Marketing company, JustOptimise are a huge advocate of helping local businesses grow.  As part of our ongoing ethos of helping fellow local businesses we organise completely free workshops, covering all of the basics you need to know to really take advantage of Online Marketing!  Lasting anywhere from 1 hour to a full day, we share our experience and offer advice with best practice on the following area's:

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Module 1 - Search Engine Optimisation - What Is It & How To Use It?!

This is a great subject!  Knowing even the basics can drive quality potential clients to your business website!  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is either seen as something only magicians do or simply not needed.  Well, in our Free Isle of Wight SEO Workshop we go through the importance of basic optimisation along with great tips for all website owners. All delegates will go away with a better understanding of how, where, why and when to utilise website optimisation.  If our attendees only take one thing away, it's definitely this main subject!

Module 2 - Social Media - Advice, Do's & Don'ts

At the workshop we will cover an array of Social Media Marketing techniques, including how to get the most out of Facebook & Twitter, Fan & Follower Notifications, the beauty of Hashtags, Website Linking, utilising Pinned Posts, understanding Paying For much more on all of your Social Media needs.

Module 3 - On-Page Optimisation - Updating Your Website

Best ways to update your website, when you should update it and why!  We discuss Content Duplication along with an overview of what makes a good page - Relevant & Interactive!

Module 4 - Content - Creating It, Using It

The importance of relevant website content, including Creating Blogs that are helpful and relevant to your visitors along with need for good quality optimised images, resizing images, along with what are attributes and headings and why they are important. This module is great for anyone who will be adding their own content and how best to gain ideas!

Module 5 - Tips & Tricks

All of the things we have learnt over the years that we want to share!  Ways to make the best out of your business Online Presence.  Keeping things simple is always the key!

Module 6 - Search Engine Analytics - It's a numbers game!

It definitely is a numbers game - This subject always gets interest!  Many business website owners might get great content, they might get great Facebook and Twitter interaction, but it is incredibly important to know your figures!  Website visitors, which pages did they view, for how long etc. can add an in-depth understanding for a business.  Understanding how to get the figures and what to do about them....all covered in the free workshop!

Module 7 - General Questions - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

We make sure we allow time for any of our attendees questions.  Ask them whilst you can, it's free!  We have covered many aspects of Online Digital Marketing, including Website Migrations, Newsletters, Mentoring, Local Web Development plus many other subjects.  If it is within our remit we are happy to discuss and assist where we can.

Module 8 - What More Can You Do?

Of course, to get to where we are we obviously offer our professional services.  I am sure as a fellow business owner this makes sense!  However, it's on offer and certainly not pushed!  Our SEO workshops are free, will stay free and are for local business owners!  To allow this to continue we do need to stay in business.  We always welcome talking through one-off and ongoing projects with all potential clients.  Our experience with Digital Marketing can make a real difference to your business.  Just Ask!


The timescale for all of our Free Isle of Wight Digital Marketing Workshops are determined by the number of registered attendees.  We allow approximately 2-3 hours, however we also run full day events as and when required.

If you would like to reserve a place or register your interest for one of our local Isle of Wight SEO Workshops simply complete the form below and we will confirm the upcoming dates and venue.  The venue will usually be the Quay Arts Centre, Newport, however depending on numbers this may change.

Register your interest whilst you can as we do get pre-booked very quickly!  It's Free!

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