Content Creation is King – Just Myth or Reality?

Content Creation, the King of Success

There is so much to read nowadays from over 1 BILLION websites.  We live in a world of words, a world of information overload.  We want facts now and we don’t have time to wade through long, flowery dispositions that take us away from precious other activities.  We have so much more to do in our lives.

But we need the data, we need to find the answer to our search.  So, how do we get the data, in such a fashion that we are in and out in record time?

The content of articles is paramount.  Content is in fact the King.  But more precisely, the content is vital.

Nowadays we skim.  We browse.  We whizz through what’s important.  If we come across content that is lengthy and waffling, we will move on.  Content online; needs to be skimmable and to the point.  Like the first four paragraphs of this article!

1 – Keywords

When it comes to search engines there are keywords and keyphrases that people use to find that special something.  If the keyword or phrase, whether it be ‘best Isle of Wight Restaurant’ or ‘rental agents Isle of Wight’ doesn’t get a potential client to land on your site, then either your keywords or phrases are all wrong or your content is configured incorrectly.

There are many ways to find the best keywords or phrases, one way is to simply search and browse the web to see what words are getting more traction than others.  You can then use those keywords often in your content, of course, without spoiling the flow and ebb of your article.

There are also many different services to check your products or services to look at them in-depth to be more precise in the wording required to really reach as many potential clients purchasers or clients as possible.  Services such as Website Audits and Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, would transform any business keyword usage.

2 – Quality of Content

Look at any popular webpage and you will find their site is filled with great content.  Not just any content but quality content!  Meaningful, specific and relevant content to their brand, that’s worth sharing.  You will notice they have spent time and effort with their Content Marketing Strategies.

Whether you write the articles yourself, link them from sister companies and affiliated webpages or outsource your article writing, you want to make sure the material you are blogging brings quality content to the readers.  Making sure the reader is supplied with engaging content will not only showcase the website visitor your expertise in the field but will also increase the opportunity of a successful business relationship.  Content Creation should be at the top of any website owners list!

Content Creation Services offered by JustOptimise

Engage – Be Relevant, Be Outstanding!

3 – Advertising Vs Content

When last did you actually click on an advert and watch it from start to finish?  YouTube videos generally start out with an ad and make you wait 5 seconds before you can skip the ad.  More often than not we do skip that ad. Why?  Because we don’t have time to wait for the punch line!  We want the ammo there and then.

So, it stands to reason that Content is the real King.

4 – Building a Relationship through Content

The engaging manner that content can reach an audience is what makes it so, well, engaging.  Gone are the days of reams and lists of how-to’s, what-to’s and when-to’s.  The writer of good content will give all that in such a conversational tone that you won’t even realise that you are reading.  It will feel like you are having a conversation with a close friend.  A close friend, that happens to know a lot about that particular topic.

5 – Topic

Lastly, but certainly not least is the topic itself.  The content must be relevant to the topic, to the website and to the target market.

There is very little point having a topic on fly fishing but the content goes into specifics on how to make a great cocktail! Having a pre-planned strategy will help keeping things on topic.

Being spot on, to the point and relevant, that’s the key to great content!

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