Why Your Business Should Use Social Media Marketing Services!

The 101 of Social Media Marketing Services

Today, there are two kinds of businesses. Those that make use of Social Media Marketing services and those that, don’t.  Unfortunately, the latter may not be around very long, well, certainly not as we know it now.  We really do need to worry about them.  Especially if the latter is you, and if that is you, please do not waste time.  Start using Social Media and access the wealth of potential clients online!

Why should you use Social Media in your business?

Simply because it has a proven track record of increasing sales and productivity, maximising brand exposure and giving your customers a real look and feel of the type of business you are running.

It's vital to have a great Social Media Business Presence! Get Social!

As of June 2015 there were 2.22 billion people using Social Media…YES, that’s billions.  Out of those, Facebook has 1.4 billion users!

To put this into context, Facebook has more registered users than there are people in China…and China is the largest populated country on earth.

Social Media Marketing is like the original newspapers, everyone can Read All About It as long as you shout loud enough.  Therefore, it should not be a question of “Should My Business Use Social Media?”, the question should be “How Can I Make Social Media Work For My Business?”.

The answer is rarely the same from one business to the next and therefore planning and caution should be taken, which is where experience and expertise comes in.

How?  You may ask!

Social Media, whilst all the rave now, can be quite a daunting project to undertake.  You are a specialist in your field but now you need to be a specialist in this digital field too.

Sure, you may know how to post a stunning picture and odd joke on your Facebook page, but getting down and dirty with the likes of, say Microsoft, Google, IBM and other big moguls, you need to be waxing Social Media for all it’s got.

Posting random bits of interesting information and an odd “salesy” type of post isn’t enough nowadays.  You need a real plan, a map, and a clear path of what you post and when.  You also need to make sure you know when you have got it wrong and how to change to get it right!

That’s where the help of Social Media Marketing Services, like JustOptimise, comes in.

Social Media Advertising

50 million businesses use Facebook.  50 Million!  However, many fail to engage with potential clients.  This can be for a good number of reasons, from bad content management (i.e wording / images), as well as inconsistent branding and erratic posting timescales to name but a few.  However, even with great content, perfect images and consistent posting it is getting harder and harder to get the Facebook Reach.

So many successful business use SMM services, your business needs this!

Facebook Reach is in essence how many fans of your business page actually see your post that you may (hopefully have!) spent a good deal of time and effort writing.  Sadly, Facebook, along with many other Social Media platforms have vastly reduced how many fans or followers of a business page will see the post.  This has been for a few quite valid reasons.  However, the result has been unfortunate for many small to medium businesses.  Gone are the days that you could throw a post on Facebook and every single one of your 1001 page fans would see it!

However, do not despair!  Even though many businesses initially shy away or do not like the thought of Social Media Advertising, it really is not a negative act, in fact it is becoming incredibly cost effective for small to medium businesses…when done right!

When Social Media Advertising is planned and implemented correctly, a small business can reach thousands of TARGETED potential clients.  ‘Targeted’ being the important word of course.

Targeting within Social Media Advertising is incredibly accurate.  In fact, if you only want to advertise (show your Facebook Advert) to anyone who has shown an interest in a certain holiday destination, or a certain perfume, then…you can do just that!  Done right, it can not only allow great Social Engagement for your business but also have fantastic Return On Investment (ROI) figures.

Isle of Wight Businesses Need To Act Now With Social Media Marketing Services!

Why use Social Media Marketing Services?

Social Media Marketing service companies and/or individuals, will push your business beyond its comfort zones and into the skies of higher sales and far greater exposure all because Social Media Marketing engages with potential clients.

They take a look at your business and study what makes it tick and what it has to offer to the public.  Once they have a good outline, they map out a journey of what they will post and when.

These two factors are vital.  The WHAT and the WHEN.

The What

Good content that is specific to your brand is very important.  And what’s more important is how the content is constructed for each Social Media platform.  This could be the layout of an image or what wording to use that will attract greater engagement and relevancy to your targeted audience.

Remember, any marketing, being it Digital Marketing or in print or even on the TV, is about gaining attention and getting that visitor, reader or viewer to do want you want them to do!

In marketing this is commonly referred to as A.I.D.A

  1. ATTENTION (Awareness) – To attract the attention of the potential customer
  2. INTEREST – Gain their interest
  3. DESIRE – Convince the potential customer that they really need the product / service, showing how important it is
  4. ACTION – Making sure the potential customer acts, be it a phone call, filling in a form or clicking on that special Submit Order button

The above is commonly referred to as a Sales Funnel.  However, it’s also important to understand that Social Media Marketing should be more than just sales, it’s about Online Reputation Management, it’s about engaging with your clients in an open and honest way.

The When

Dependent on your market and the country you are targeting, you want to post in peak times when the post will get the most exposure and traction.  Social Media Marketers know just when those peak times are by analysing previous posts and tweets, honing in on the best times for your business and potential clients.

Data Analytics is paramount when it comes to any kind of marketing, including Social Media.  It allows the Social Media Marketer to target specific times of day, week, month or even year.  Without reviewing previous and live data for Social Media posts you will be swimming against the tide.  Social Media activity data (Facebook Insights / Twitter Analytics) is the guiding light to increased engagement and a larger customer base!

The Different Social Media Platforms

Each platform needs to be approached in a different manner. What you post to Facebook may not be the same as what you post to Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for instance.

Your Social Media Marketer will know this and structure the posts accordingly.

A quick overview of the most popular Social Media platforms and how they need to be utilised:

  • Facebook – A picture and medium to long detailed story about the picture
  • Twitter – A short, sharp, on the edge comment, sometimes with a picture and sometimes not
  • Instagram – A quality picture that speaks more than words will
  • Pinterest – An infomercial or quality picture with concise how-to’s or what-to-do’s that will keep customers coming back for more 
  • Google+ – A mix between Facebook and Pinterest
  • LinkedIn – A professional stance on a popular topic, generally not sales related
  • YouTube – Quality videos that hit the point home in a few seconds

There are many other platforms and it will do your business good to choose the ones that will work well for your brand.  Your Social Media Marketer will know which ones those are.

Beyond Social Media

Finally, it’s important to remember that using Social Media is not just a great way to see fluffy kittens or finding potential clients.  Social Media is about engaging with people and having fun.  It’s about Digital interaction which, in a lot of cases is a replication of the real world.

Social Media can and should be used for your business, get interacting, get engaging!

JustOptimise offer many different Social Media Marketing services, from simple reporting to full client engagement packages.

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